Welcome To Shalom Studios

The Shalom Studios is one of the leading providers of movie productions and related services in indian film industries. our studios have an impressive heritage and have been home to some of the most successful features films ever made.

Our company believes in treating the business with utmost sincerity. We spend a huge amount of effort and time that allows us to study various subjects, industry fluctuations, and successes/failures of the movies. It also allows us to study various factors that influence the results of the movies.

Having started out modestly seven years ago, today Shalom Studios is considered iconic in changing the sensibilities of Indian viewers. Revolutionizing cinematic experiences…Shalom Studios has been pushing the boundaries of reel entertainment.

Apart from working with the biggest names of the Indian Film industry, we have chosen to further increase the dynamism of their movies by collaborating with the best in the international field of filmmaking. From cinematographers to top of the line-celebrated technicians…Shalom Studios uses their enterprising nature to provide global levels of cinema for the Indian viewers. Always looking towards the future, Shalom Studios is determined to achieve their goals of placing India on the global map of international cinema by showcasing their award winning movies to a worldwide audience.